Downtown Holiday Jacket and Pant GIVEAWAY!!!!

Friends --
I'm obsessed with this blog. You need to check it out. She gives away the CUTEST outfits, and I WANT this one!!

Is he gonna make it?

Aunt Assy -- Can no longer be Sassy


Girl for a Day

This is Macoy's tree-climbing, sword-fighting, burping-farting, naughty best friend -- Amore, the monkey. In our house, he is the one who steals the candy, breaks toys and mom's things, draws on anything he is not supposed to, and does most things I say are not to be done. He was definitely not happy to play baby with Hadley while Macoy was away.

Try, try again


An emergency Cinderella-Becomes-Luke-Skywalker-pull-up after Macoy is caught downing his 5th juicebox at grandma's. Pictures are pre-meltdown.


Auburn Fair

I'm CRAZY about the fair. I don't know who had more fun.... I'm gonna be that mom that doesn't know when to take a hint. Mac and his 14 year old pals will have more fun dodging me than actually riding those scary contraptions.

Poor Quincey never left the stroller. Hours.... Hadley and the kettle corn.Hadley still with the kettle corn. I wish I had a picture of her writhing on the sidewalk as we hurried to the car. I somehow figured she'd stop eating it if she couldn't walk anymore.