As Jeff always sings, "Make new friends and keep the old. One is silver and the other is gold."
(Nothing like banging old friends! snicker-snicker)
(Love you Boop Star! snicker-snicker-snicker)

Our 18lb barrel-chested 4 month old has 2 teeth (See Sara? Perfectly normal post....)

P.S. Tanya, the cute red-head at the Auburn-Folsom Starbucks, was BORN with a tooth!



The Rules:
You must post the rules, list 6 random quirks about yourself, then "tag" 6 bloggers who will then list their quirks. (Fun to read -- you girls are so funny and great -- but doesn't this take you right back to "junior high"?)

My 6 quirks:

1. I always get the same food at a restaurant, candy at a gas station, coffee drink at Starbucks, and haven't really changed how I dress since 1993. (Scary) It drives me nuts that Jeff NEVER gets the same thing. So I can never get him his favorite of anything. More his quirk than mine, I think.

2. I always say "always" and "never," all the time, all day long.

3. I feel compelled to make the beds and clean hotel rooms before we leave. But I know another missionary kid who does the same thing, so it somehow makes sense.

4. The least inhibited I can ever be involves listening to Guns N' Roses. (Is that how you'd say it? Sounds awkward. But you should see me ROCK. Awk--ward!)

5. About once a year, in the middle of the night, I will give myself some bangs then regret it for the rest of the year and pin them to the side every day. Am reminded of this quirk because I have been holding up longer strands to my forehead and contemplating cutting bangs again for the last 3 days. I really love short bangs but have a cowlick that makes them look feathered. If anyone reads this before it's too late, please help me by suggesting that I not cut my bangs. Or warn Jeff -- it drives him nuts that I do this.

And 6. Hmmm. The toilet paper roll has to be on a certain way...? Doesn't the majority of human kind feel that way about toilet paper? I used to be a LOT quirkier, but living with my really laid back husband who lets my nagging roll off his back has forced me to let them go. =) Which is good.

Blogs I am tagging:
Angela (you are the only one I know who checks my blog), Nathan Pieratt (just in case, for old time's sake), and the only other people I know who even know this blog exists have already been tagged. Ummm, so Colleen, Chrisy, and Nicole, you're double tagged cause you haven't done it yet. And Vanessa, because you don't have a blog, when you read this, I urge you to share 6 of your quirks with the nearest person.